How to Convert or Download

Converting mp3 songs or downloading videos from xyzyoutube is as simple as 1,2,3. A detailed guide is provided to download videos from various media sites.

1) How to download videos from youtube

Xyzyoutube provides two method to download videos from
a) Insert youtube video url in Enter Url box at home page and hit enter.
b) Replace with in youtube video url.

2) How to convert youtube videos to mp3

You can use the above method to convert and download mp3 songs from

3) How to download videos from dailymotion, instagram and vimeo or mp3 songs from soundcloud and

Insert any dailymotion or instagram or vimeo video url or soundcloud ot mp3 song page url in Enter Url box at home page and press enter. Our system is smart enough to detect the site name of respective url.

4) How to download videos from facebook

Downloading videos from facebook is bit complex than others. Get the Video ID of any facebook video
For instance: Here is a facebook video url
replace it with
insert it inside Enter Url box and press enter.

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